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Title:  " Donna""" aThis painting flowed easily from a sketch and idea into a graceful resemblance of someone  who bares a resemblance  to a  beautiful lady who once walked this world with a heavy foot and a gentle hand.   Shh


II set this piece aside  for a  little rest.   She is breathing again and I am excited to begin once again.  I will be working on the hair and some more defined layers to get the values up and going.


The simlicity of this piece is intruiging  I do not want to disturb  that. thata










The title of this painting is "SOLICE" 

I began this creation with a feeling of expressing my appreciation for silence.  As an artist I find it essential to be undisturbed during my creative times...I took that for granted at a time...Silence can speak loudly.  A  Ravens gift of another day of peace.


 I invite you to join me as I share updates and progress of this work.  I started with a basic sketch with a 2H pencil  on 300 lb Arches Cold press paper. I then began  painting the face and hands with light   to middle tones in value using a dry brush and blending with water.   I add layer upon layer of pigment to bring it to life.



* Sold  Gicle prints will be available • 

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      Pati Deuter


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